Floating Cooler

The invention is a cooler with an inflatable inner tube that is sized to fit around it making it float.

  • Hinged Lid Creates a Tight Seal
  • Deflates & Folds for Convenient Storage   
  • Provided with Recessed Cup Holders 
  • Great for Boating or Swimming
  • Made Of Double Wall Insulated Plastic


Utility Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeffrey M. Filbeck of Liberty, MO has created a cooler with an inflatable inner tube that is sized to fit around it to make it float.

Very few leisure time activities rival that of spending a warm summer day in the water. Whether at the beach, in a lake, on a boat, or even in a backyard pool, eating and drinking often play an important role in this fun. Often a cooler is used to keep food and drinks at a constant warm or cold temperature. However a disadvantage associated with this is a person is forced to get out of the water to reach food or drink being stored in a cooler. This is not only inconvenient, it may sometimes be dangerous, as in the case of small children who may get out of a pool to get something to eat, and can fall while walking on slippery deck surfaces. Additionally, small boats such as canoes may not have adequate space on board to hold a cooler. Inventor Filbeck has created a means by which food and beverages may be kept at a constant temperature while being located in a water-based environment.

This clever new invention has a hinged lid to create a tight seal. It deflates and folds for convenient storage. It is provided with recessed cup holders and made of double wall insulated plastic. It is great for boating or swimming. The use of the Floating Cooler allows for the convenience of temperature controlled food storage while boating, fishing, swimming, or enjoying other water-based sports.

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