Fishing Rod Holder with Hook Setting Capability

This invention is a fishing rod holder for unattended operation that automatically sets the hook when the fish strikes the line.

  • Secures Fish, Rod & Reel
  • Allows Fisherman To Engage In Other Activities
  • Split Second Reaction Time
  • Flat & Standup Styles Available
  • Trigger Release Holds 1-100 lbs. of Pressure


Patent #8,567,108

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ronald J. Babbs and Diane Babbs of Grovertown, IN have developed an innovative contraption to allow fishermen to catch fish while leaving the fishing rod unattended.

Sporting goods companies are constantly developing new and complex products to help anglers catch more fish faster. Despite all of the progress in adding such products to the market, the fisherman still has to hold the rod no matter how advanced the technology. While there are a multitude of fishing rod holders on the market, almost none of them provide the ability to automatically set the hook when a fish is on the line. Even the quickest of fishermen cannot always react quickly enough to retrieve the rod from the holder to set the hook in time to prevent the fish from swimming away. Inventors Babbs have created a device which not only holds the fishing rod in place, but also effectively hooks the fish on the line.

This clever new invention secures the rod to a weighted base, allowing the fisherman to engage in other activities. The invention features a trigger release system which has a split second reaction time and can hold all the way up to 100 pounds of pressure. To ensure widespread use, the rod holding portion of the invention can be used with any standard fishing rod. The use of the Fishing Rod Holder with Hook Setting Capability allows fishermen to catch fish in an unattended manner without worry of fish stealing bait and swimming away.

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