Fishing Pole Rack

Our Fishing Pole Rack is a device which holds, transports, and stores multiple fishing rods. The device consists of an overall rectangular aluminum frame. The lower portion of the frame is provided with six plastic cups which accept the handle end of a typical fishing rod and the upper portion has foam inserts to securely hold poles. The upper portion contains foam inserts to hold the fishing rod securely.

  • Holds Multiple Fishing Poles
  • Reduces Tangling of Fishing Poles
  • Fishing Rods Remain In Frame During Transport Process
  • Holds Fishing Rod Securely
  • Can Be Hung on Wall/Laid Flat


Design Patent #D699,477

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Allen of Mount Forest, ON has created a device which holds, transports, and stores multiple fishing rods.

A great number of people around the world enjoy fishing. Whether fishing for food, or for the sport of it, fishing is truly a popular pastime. However, as with any sport, one quickly accumulates a wide variety of fishing rods. All of these rods must be transported back and forth from a home, to a motor vehicle, then to a boat or fishing spot, and then back again at the end of the trip. All of this time presents opportunities for a rod to become broken or tangled together with other rods. Inventor Allen has created a means by which multiple fishing rods can be easily transported in a manner which prevents damage, breakage, tangling, and other undesired situations.

This clever new invention holds multiple fishing rods. The fishing rods remain in a frame during the transport process. This reduces tangling. The device holds fishing rods securely and can be hung on a wall or laid flat. The use of the Fishing Pole Rack allows one to easily store and transport multiple fishing rods in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.
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