Fishing Pole Holder

The Redneck Fishing Pole Holder aids in the holding and securing of a fishing pole.

  • Can Be Moved 360°
  • Holds Rod to Reduce Boredom and Tedium of Sport
  • Frees Up Both Hands While Working With Hook, Bait, Sinker, Float
  • For Different Poles and Styles of Fishing
  • Great for Introducing Fishing to Young Children


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas J. Huntsman of North Platte, NE has created an apparatus to aid in the holding and securing of a fishing pole.

The idea for the Redneck Fishing Pole Holder was born one Sunday afternoon while Inventor Huntsman was fishing with his three grandsons off a canal bridge. The boys were getting bored and restless because they were having no luck. They were also having trouble setting the hook with the pole lying on the bridge. His grandsons wanted to be able to set the poles down and explore, but still fish. This is when Inventor Huntsman created Redneck Fishing Pole Holder. Its creation also convinced his wife to go fishing since she could read and relax without constantly attending to her pole.

This clever new invention can be moved 360. It holds a rod to reduce boredom and tedium of the sport. It frees up both hands while working with hook, bait, sinker, and float. It can be used with different poles and styles of fishing. The holder is great for introducing fishing to young children. The use of the Redneck Fishing Pole Holder allows fishermen the ability to fish without holding onto the rod in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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