Fishing Net Release Device

The invention is a device that assists in the holding and releasing of a cast net when thrown for fishing.

  • Hung AroundUsers Neck
  • Prevents Teeth& Mouth Damage
  • KeepsUnsanitary Nets Out Of Users Mouth
  • Synthetic CordFor Long Life
  • Easily AdjustedIn Length


Patent #8,272,158

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Franklin L. Ball of Sebastian,FL has invented an apparatus that aids in theholding and releasing of a cast net when thrown for fishing.

Agreat number of people around the world enjoy fishing, as thecalmness and serenity of the sport coupled with the excitement oflanding the big one make fishing a popular pastime. While manypeople use fishing rods, others resort to casting nets to catch theirfish, and some fishermen will resort to holding an edge of the netbetween their teeth so that their hands are free for holding andthrowing the net in order to throw it well. This practice is veryunsanitary and can be damaging to your teeth, causing a need for anew method of throwing nets. Inventor Ball hasdeveloped a device to stop this unsanitary practice, yet still helpsto produce a perfect throw.

Thisclever new invention keeps unsanitary nets out of the fishermansmouth and prevents teeth and mouth damage by hanging a cord loop thatis attached to the net around the users neck. The cord is made ofdurable synthetic material and its length can be adjusted to yourpreference. The use of the Fishing Net ReleaseDevice allows for a safer, cleaner, and more efficientmethod for fishermen to cast the perfect net.

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