Fish Strike Alarm

This invention is an alarm that indicates the presence of a fish strike at an unattended fishing pole.

  • Activated By A Motion Sensor
  • Hands Free Receiver
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Levels
  • Perfect For All Types Of Fishing
  • Compatible With All Fishing Rods


Utility Patent #Patent #8,896,450

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Phillip H. Overbye of Toutle, WA has developed a means for fishermen to monitor their fishing poles while still having the ability to leave it unattended.

Todays fishermen no longer rely on the traditional hook and worm approach to attract their game. Instead, a broad range of products have hit the market, designed to aid the fisherman in catching more fish in less time. However, the fisherman still has to hold the rod no matter how advanced the technology, which can be unexciting and tedious. Many fishermen resort to attaching or bracing their rod against something while waiting for the fish to bite, but this often results in lost fish, especially if the fisherman is nowhere near the pole. Inventor Overbye has created a tool for fishermen to quickly detect the presence of a fish strike while leaving a fishing rod unattended.

This clever new invention is activated by a motion sensor that detects fish strikes and sends an alert signal to a hands-free receiver being used by the fisherman. The sensors sensitivity level is adjustable to reduce the chance of false alarms. Since the invention is compatible with all fishing rods, it is perfect for all types of fishing. The use of the Fish Strike Alarm allows fishermen the freedom to leave a fishing rod unattended, yet will alert fishermen to possible fish strikes.

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