Fire Sprinkler Piping Repair Sleeve

The invention comprises an open steel sleeve lined with rubber that can be fitted around damaged fire sprinkler piping to make repairs while piping is in use or under pressure.

  • Ensures Continuous Sprinkler Operation
  • Integral Clamping Mechanism
  • Provided In All Common Sprinkler Piping Sizes
  • Held On With Mechanical Fasteners
  • Can Be Performed In Just Minutes


Design Patent #D697,592

Story Behind the Invention

As any property owner will attest, security and peace of mind are areas of primary concern. One disaster that strikes fear into everyone is that of a possible fire. While there are many devices and procedures that can be put in place to prevent and detect fires, there is really only one that helps to automatically fight fires the automatic sprinkler system. These systems automatically spray water where there is an active fire. The water for such systems is delivered by fire sprinkler piping which is generally robust and long lasting. However, should the piping require repair, it is a costly proposition. Also, such repair means disabling a portion of the sprinkler system which makes a building or structure susceptible to fire. Inventor Hebert has created a means by which broken or damaged fire sprinkler piping can be repaired without these disadvantages.
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