Filling Device for Deer Feeders

The invention is a device that restocks deer feeders by blowing feed or corn into a feeder.

  • Replenishes Elevated Deer Feeders
  • Eliminates Climbing Ladders with Heavy Bags of Feed
  • Reduces Manually Handling Feed
  • One Person Operation
  • Works With All Types Of Corn/Feed
  • Ball Hitch Receiver


Utility Patent #8,622,660

Story Behind the Invention

Elevated deer feeders are one of the most common methods for attracting deer and other wildlife. These feeders can be very effective, but the process of refilling them is time consuming and potentially hazardous. The inventors of the Filling Device for Deer Feeders created the invention in order to help streamline the refilling process. This invention incorporates a gas-powered air blower and a 55-gallon drum for feed in order to make the refill process quick and effortless.
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