Fillable Filter Envelope System

The invention allowsa person to selectively blend and fill a filter envelope with coffee, tea orvirtually any other powder-based beverage.

  • Integral Filler Filter Tube 
  •  Adaptable to All Beverage Makers 
  •  Freedom to Blend Drinks as Desired 
  •  Easy Throw-Away & Clean-Up 
  •  Once FilledMultiple Closure Methods

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sara E. Fair of BabsonPark, FL, has developed a line ofenclosed coffee filters to be user- filled with ground coffee, tea, or otherpowder based beverages, and sealed shut for later convenient use.

Preparing hotbeverages such as coffee and tea can be a messy process that occupies much time.  Ironically, such beverages are often preparedin the morning when time is at a premium.  To make matters worse, coffee grounds are aptto get into the coffee pot during both brewing and cleanup.  Inventor Fairsinnovative coffee filter system solves all of these dilemmas.

This clever newinvention comes in multiple sizes to adapt to fit all types of coffee and hotbeverage makers.  The filters have anintegral filler tube for precise beverage preparation.  Once filled, the filter opening is easily sealedshut, allowing the user-filled filter to be stored in an airtight container forlater use.  Use of the Fillable Filter Envelope System savestime, prevents coffee grounds from entering the pot, and provides for neat andeffortless preparation and cleanup.

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