Fence Line Weed Guard

The invention is a flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) border created to prevent unwanted growth of grass, weeds and other plant life around fence lines.

  • Six to Eight Inches Wide
  • Provided in Roll Format
  • Held Down With Spikes
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Maintenance Free & Lawnmower Friendly


Design Patent #732,700.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ian Bill of Milton, ON has developed a flexible plastic border that prevents the growth of grass, weeds and other plant life around fence lines.

Anyone that has a fence on their property knows the burdens associated with keeping grass and weeds from growing along the fence lines. These problems are often solved by the use of a string-based trimmer. However, this is a time consuming task and the string based trimmer is prone to damaging the fence with repeated use. Alternatively, others use chemical treatments to remove the unwanted plant life, but this method is expensive and questionable as to its environmental effects. Inventor Bill has created a better means by which one can prevent grass and weeds from growing along fence lines.

This clever new invention is provided in a roll format, which allows for easy application and assembly along any fence line. The strip is either held down with already attached spikes or separate pins. Additionally, the invention is available in multiple colors, lawnmower friendly, and best of all maintenance free. The use of the Fence Line Weed Guard allows for the minimization of plant life along fence lines in a manner that keeps a yard looking its best.

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