Faucet Extension Adapter

The invention is a short, retractable device used when filling buckets, pails, and watering cans directly from the outdoor spigot.

  • Extends/Retracts to Varying Lengths
  • Allows for Hands Free Filing
  • Eliminates Turbulent Water Splash
  • Reduces Back/Upper Body Strain
  • Hose Couplings Located at Both Ends
  • Can Leave on Year Round


Design Patent # D861,140

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mark Gregory Mattozzi of Weston, FL has created a short, retractable device for filling buckets, pails, and watering cans directly from the outdoor spigot.

Often times it is necessary to fill a pail or bucket directly from the water spigot and a hose may not be readily available. Such occasions may occur when washing a vehicle or filling a watering can to water flowers. The user must place the bucket so the stream of water will hit the opening. Even if properly placed, water is prone to splashing out, thus getting the user wet or causing soap and bubbles to fly. Others may lift and hold the bucket up near the spigot which then becomes progressively heavier as it is filled. This also makes it difficult to add soap or other chemicals to the water and ensure proper mixing. Inventor Mattozzi has created a means by which buckets and pails can be easily filled without the use of a garden hose.

This clever new invention extends and retracts to varying lengths. It allows for hands free filling. It eliminates turbulent water splash and reduces back and upper body strain. Hose couplings are located at both ends and the facet extension is able to be left on year round. The use of the Faucet Extension Adapter provides for the easy filling of buckets and pails directly from a spigot without worry of splashing in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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