Farm Motif Slot Machine

The Farm Motif Slot Machine is a slot machine used in gambling with a farm theme.

  • Replaces Dollar Amount With Bushel
  • Helps Attract Customers
  • Accepts Coins, Tokens, Bills, Credit Cards etc.
  • Functions Like A Conventional Slot Machine
  • Scroling Marquee Displays Various Amounts of Money
  • Ideal For Use In Any Casino Or Gambling Establishment


Design Patent 690,773

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Janell Miller of Onarga, IL has designed a farm themed slot machine.

Even those of us who dont gamble are drawn into the mystique of a slot machine. The flashing lights and loud sounds draw us in, while the pull handle and spinning wheels hold our attention. Then the sure knowledge that the next coin will be the big winner keeps us coming back. However, all slot machines begin to look the same after a short while, and there is nothing to draw a potential gambler to one machine or casino over the next. As such, casinos and slot machine manufacturers are on the continual lookout for new and exciting game themes and motifs. Inventor Miller has created a means by which a new and exciting slot machine can be introduced to the gambling public.

This clever new invention accepts coins, tokens, bills and credit cards. It will function like a conventional slot machine, and is ideal for use in any casino or gambling establishment. The unique design will draw gamblers in over other machines. The use of the Farm Motif Slot Machine allows gamblers to experience the fun and excitement of a slot machine along with the trials and triumphs of being a farmer.
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