Face Guard for Rifle Scope

The invention is a device that provides protection when firing a scope-equipped shotgun, rifle or muzzleloader.

  • Increases Personal Safety
  • Perfect For Firearms That Have A Strong Kickback
  • One-Size-Fits-All
  • Will Absorb The Shock
  • Made Of An Elastic Strap
  • Adjustable Protective Material 


Patent #D656,683

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Martin J. Capasso of Milford,DE has developed a new safety device for those who use scope-equippedfirearms.

Optical scopes are often used on riflesand shotguns for aiming and precision purposes, allowing evenamateurs to obtain high rates of accuracy. However, serious eye andfacial injuries can result when the scope is propelled backwards into the users eyebrow and face area during the firing. Those whocannot completely control the kickback may end up with a semicircularimprint on their face. Even the most experienced user may be caughtoff guard when shooting and be left with an unsightly mark that lastsfor days. Inventor Capasso has created a means to avoid potentialfacial injuries from scope contact when firing a rifle or shotgun.

This clever new invention increasespersonal safety due to its shock absorbing capabilities. It isperfect for firearms that have a strong kickback and is perfect forall shooters with its one-size-fits-all design. The invention isworn around the head by an adjustable elastic strap. The use of theFace Guard for Rifle Scope provides a quick and effective means forbasic safety protection of scope-equipped rifle and shotgun users.

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