Ergonomic Weed Trimmer

The Ergonomic Weed Trimmer is an attachable, universal handle grip for weed trimmers and edgers.

  • Perpendicular Trimmer Handle
  • Quicker and Easier Trimming
  • Lessens Strain on Back Muscles
  • Reduces Chance of Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Standard Equipment on New Trimmers or Add-On Kit for Existing Trimmers


Design Patent #D860,753

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John Thomas Di Lallo, a lawn and landscape company owner from Fort Lauderdale, FL has created an attachable, universal ergonomic handle grip for weed trimmers and edgers.

Many people spend countless hours maintaining and beautifying their lawns and landscape. A wide variety of power equipment has been designed to make this job easier. One of the most common tools is the string type grass trimmer. This tool is typically equipped with a main operating handle that is part of the main shaft of the trimmer. During use, the users hand is at an awkward angle, which quickly becomes uncomfortable, especially after long periods of time. The movement required to swing the trimmer from side-to-side puts a great deal of stress on the users back muscles, which can quickly generate pain. Inventor Di Lallo has created a means by which the common weed trimmer or edger can be adapted to relieve pressure on lower back muscles, while also saving the user time.

This clever new invention features a perpendicular trimmer handle. It allows for quicker and easier trimming. It lessens the strain on back muscles and reduces the chance of repetitive stress injuries. It can be provided as standard equipment on new trimmers or as an add-on kit for existing trimmers. The use of the Ergonomic Weed Trimmer provides users a more comfortable operating position, in a manner which reduces pain associated with long term trimmer use.

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