Environmental Fly Trap

The invention is a commercial fly trap designed for use around livestock areas.

  • Does Not Use Chemicals, Adhesives, Or Electricity
  • Safe For Use Around Pets And Children
  • Traps Flies Inside Funnel Shaped Opening
  • Easily Emptied When Filled
  • Used Inside Or Outside


Utility Patent #8,950,108

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Calvin D. Morris of Albuquerque, NM has designed a commercial fly trap for use around livestock areas.

Flying insects such as flies are persistent problems in almost all areas of the world. In order to control such pests, people have resorted to various methods to eradicate them, such as chemicals, adhesive traps, and even electric-based devices. However, each of these devices typically have some sort of disadvantage whether it be the requirement of a suitable electric power source, the use of dangerous chemicals, or adhesive based traps which must be frequently changed out. Many of these disadvantages then surface in locations where such traps are extremely impractical. Examples of such locations are large livestock areas in which cattle, sheep, horses, and other animals are kept. Inventor Morris has created a means by which flying insects such as flies can be easily trapped and captured in large commercial areas without the disadvantages.

This clever new invention does not use chemicals, adhesives, or electricity, which makes it safe to use around pets and children. It simply traps the flies inside the funnel shaped opening, and can be easily emptied when it becomes full. It is safe and effective in both indoor and outdoor locations. The use of the Environmental Fly Trap provides an ideal means of capturing flies in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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