Entry Assist Device for Pets

The invention is an access pole to allow cats to enter and exit through an elevated window.

  • Provides Free Entry For Pets
  • Pole is Carpeted For Climbing
  • Functions as a Scratching Post
  • Height Adjustable
  • Provides Safety & Entertainment For Cats


Design Patent #D782,747

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bill J. Kalesnikoff of Castlegar, BC has invented a new access pole to allow cats to enter and exit the home through an elevated window.

Cats are one of the most common of all household pets today. Many of these cats spend time outdoors, where they are subject to hazards and inconveniences such as potential attacks from other animals and the need to constantly let them in and out of doors. The inventors addressed these needs with the new Entry Assist Device for Pets. This product is a unique pole and platform combination that allows cats to access a house via an elevated window.

This clever new invention allows cats easy access in a way which is safe and simple. The pole is carpeted to assist the cats in climbing. This also allows the post to double as a scratching post. The invention is height adjustable to ensure that it can be adapted to work for any situation. The elevated platform allows you to safely allow your cats to enter and exit the house on their own while also providing your cats with a safe location outdoors. The use of the Entry Assist Device for Pets is a great way to bring ease and enjoyment to the lives of you and your cats.

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