Emergency Notification Flashing System

This invention is a portable three-piece emergency warning system to alert people of a potential hazard or the need for assistance.

  • HandheldEmitting Light
  • Reflective Vest
  • IlluminatingWarning Triangle
  • Stored in MotorVehicles
  • PreventsAccidents / Promotes Public Safety


Utility Patent 8,365,918

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jose E. Andino of Miami,FL has developed a means for vehicle hazards tobe more safely and visibly marked.

Withthe constantly increasing volume of cars on the road, the number ofdeaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents has risenaccordingly. Some of these accidents result from drivers not seeinga person standing on the road outside of their impaired vehicle. Inorder to increase visibility, some motorists keep road flares intheir vehicle to provide warning for oncoming vehicles. Unfortunately, these flares pose a safety and fire risk and will onlyburn for a limited amount of time. Inventor Andinohas created a kit that lasts for an extended period of time andprovides a higher degree of visibility.

Thisclever new invention consists of three parts, including a handheldemitting light, an illuminating warning triangle, and a reflectivesafety vest. The invention can be conveniently stored in a motorvehicle to ensure that it is ready for use whenever needed. When inuse, the invention can help to prevent accidents and promote publicsafety. The use of the Emergency NotificationFlashing System provides a way to improve road safetyand increase visibility for accidents, people, and vehicles.

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