Electronic Toilet Paper Dispenser

This invention is a toilet paper dispenser that automatically dispenses a predetermined amount of toilet paper.

  • Reduces Wasted Toilet Paper
  • Low Paper Indicator
  • Professional/Luxury Design
  • Ideal for Commercial & Consumer Users
  • Sensor for Paper Dispensing
  • Sit Flush Against Wall

Story Behind the Invention

While no one will question the utility of a conventional toilet paper dispenser, it does have several drawbacks. First, its freewheeling design often allows more toilet paper to be dispensed than is actually needed, especially by children. This causes the toilet paper to be wasted. Second, the elderly or disabled may suffer from reduced dexterity, thus prohibiting them from unrolling the paper. Finally, its low-tech design is lacking, especially among those who have the latest high-tech gadgets and gear. Inventor Holowaty has created a means by which toilet paper can be dispensed in an automatic and controlled manner.

This clever new invention drastically reduces the amount of toilet paper wasted, while also helping to keep track of the number of sheets that are left on the roll. An enclosure which holds the toilet paper roll is contained within the wall on a track system so that the invention sits flush against the wall when in use. The luxurious design of the invention makes it ideal for both commercial and home use. The use of the Electronic Toilet Paper Dispenser provides for a unique and functional alternative to conventional toilet paper dispensers.

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