Electronic Cigarette Stand

The Electronic Cigarette Stand is a holding stand system for electronic cigarettes and accessories.

  • Keeps Electronic Cigarettes Safe from Tipping or Rolling
  • Eliminates Frequent Costly Replacement of Cigarette Tips
  • Organizes Accessories like Liquids and Tips
  • Rubber Base Prevents Sliding or Scratching of Furniture
  • Great for the Home or Office


Design Patent #D744,159.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dave A. Lukas of Reno, NV has created a holding stand system for electronic cigarettes and accessories.

The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette is an alternative to the conventional cigarette, and may aid individuals in breaking the smoking habit. Electronic cigarettes provide inhaled doses of a vaporized solution in a re-usable format. They do not rely on combustion during their operation and they do not get hot. Placing them in an ashtray or on a table is not a smart option, as they will pick up dust, dirt, and other unsanitary contaminants. Also problematic is trying to keep track of and organize accessories such as liquid flavors, spare atomizers, and extra batteries. Inventor Lukas has created a means by which users of electronic cigarettes can be provided a location to store and organize such items and accessories.

This clever new invention keeps electronic cigarettes safe from tipping or rolling. It eliminates frequent costly replacement of cigarette tips. It organizes accessories like liquids and tips. Its rubber base prevents sliding or scratching of furniture. It is great for home or office use. The use of the Electronic Cigarette Stand allows one to store, organize, and use electronic cigarettes and accessories, in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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