Twisting Device For A Plurality Of Electrical Wires

The invention is a portable hand tool which aidselectricians in connecting wires in a junction box or circuit joining.

  • Efficient, Time-Saving Tool
  • Holds 6 Parallel Wire Channels
  • Integral Locking Mechanism
  • Accommodates Wide Rangeof Wire Sizes
  • Tightens Electrical Connectors


Utility Patent 8,429,948

Story Behind the Invention

InventorJon Michael Warren of Bixby, OK, presents his patent pending specialty handtool usedto separate and twist up to 6 individual wires for a cable assembly. 

Twisting electricalwires is both difficult and time consuming. When doing so by hand, one may find it nearly impossible to keep thewires uniform.  Inventor Warren hascreated a specialty tool, appearing similar to a pair of pliers, designed toseparate and twist a plurality of wires. 

This clever new invention is an efficient andtime-saving tool.  It holds 6 parallelwire channels that can accommodate a wide range of wire sizes.  Functioning similar to a pair of pliers, theinvention can also be used to tighten electrical connectors.  It has an integral locking mechanism foradded convenience.  Use of the Twisting Device For A Plurality Of Electrical Wiresaids electricians, assemblers, or do-it-yourselfers in connecting wires for acable assembly.
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