Electrical Plug Stabilizing Cover

The invention is an electrical outlet cover with a hinged cover plate to not only cover the outlet openings, but provide a means of safely securing any plug and cord that should be connected to it.

  • Prevents Electrocution
  • Secures Cords to Electrical Outlets
  • Locks into Place
  • Enhances Child Safety
  • Eliminates Accidental Unplugging 
  • Ideal for Critical Electrical Loads 


Patent #8,088,999

Story Behind the Invention

As any parent will attest, the safety and well-being of their children is of the utmost importance and is by far their primary concern. Unsurprisingly, there are a wide variety of products aimed at providing a safe home environment for children by preventing the accidents and mishaps that occur all too often. Among the many dangers present in any home, the risk of injury or death caused by accidents involving electricity and electrical devices is reason for everyday precaution. The most common way of protecting children against accidental contact with electrical receptacles is by the use of childproof plastic covers. However, these covers must be removed when an electrical device is plugged in. In this configuration, even the youngest child can remove the plug by simply pulling on the cord. Thus, the electrical outlet becomes exposed, or perhaps, even more dangerously, the energized plug could be exposed should the plug not become fully disengaged.

In response to such concern, inventor Leon F. Payou of Falher, AB, Canada, has developed an electrical outlet cover with a hinged cover plate that not only covers the outlet openings, but provides a means of safely securing any plug and cord that should be connected to it.

The Electrical Plug Stabilizing Cover offers vast improvement to current electrical outlet cover plates by eliminating accidental unplugging. The cover plate has two slots in which any cord from a plug-connected device can be routed. Thus, when secured in place, it is impossible to remove the cord without first removing the cover plate. While an adult can easily remove the box by pressing in to release the spring tension lock, it is virtually impossible for a child or toddler to do so. The invention allows for easy cord retention to protect children from electrocution in homes in a quick, easy, and effective manner.

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