Electric Fence Tightening Tool

The Electric Fence Tightening Tool is a tool used to tighten wiring on electric fences or similar tasks.

  • Tightens or Loosens Wire Fences
  • Lessens Chances of Wire Breakage
  • Speeds Repairs
  • For Wire, Electric, Barb-Wire or Similar Fences
  • Single Person Operation

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christopher Aaron Silver of Marshville, NS has created a tool used to tighten wiring on electric fences or similar tasks.

Domesticated animals on farms and ranches across the country have been contained by wire fences for years. During maintenance of such fences, it is often necessary to tighten the wire as it is prone to stretching over time. Additionally, such tightening often needs to be relieved during cold weather to prevent breakage of overstressed wires. This adjustment process is often accomplished with fence pliers, screwdrivers, or similar tools, but with limited success as the tightening process often results in wire breakage. Inventor Silver has created a means by which wire components on fencing can be easily tightened and loosened.

This clever new invention tightens or loosens wire fences. It lessens the chance of wire breakage. It speeds repairs on wire, electric, barb-wire, or similar fences. It is a single person operation. The use of the Electric Fence Tightening Tool allows workers to take the sag out of wire fence rails or similar tasks in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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