Electric Fence Gate Disconnect Device

The invention is a means for opening and closing a three strand electrical fence gate in one safe motion.

  • Open/Close Gates Efficiently
  • Prevents Livestock from Escaping
  • Eliminates Shock Hazards
  • No Fence Strands on Ground
  • No Bending Over


Design Patent #D700,889

Story Behind the Invention

A typical gate structure of an electric fence is a system of three wires or strands with each having an insulated spool. At any time, a user can grab and disconnect from a fixed post but has to drop the other two strands on the ground where they snap and crackle. Inventor Smail created a system where electric fence gates can be easily opened and closed without the above mentioned disadvantages. The development of the Electric Fence Gate Disconnect Device provides a solution.

This clever new invention is so that one can open/close gates efficiently, prevents livestock from escaping, eliminates shock hazards and bending over no fence stands on ground. The use of the Electric Fence Gate Disconnect Device provides a method for opening and closing electric fence gates in a manner which is quick, easy and effective, but safe as well.

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