Easy Bike Pedal Strap

The Easy Bike Pedal Strap is an improved strap system for bicycle pedals.

  • For Any Bicycle or Stationary Exercise Bike
  • Can Be Used by Children and Adults
  • Applies and Removes With Ease
  • Does Not Bind or Constrict Feet
  • Easy to Manufacture


Design Patent #D777,612

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Seth Demberg, a fitness director from Alexandria, VA has created an improved strap system for bicycle pedals.

Theres nothing more frustrating than a faulty pedal strap. Pedal straps help hold a users feet in place under vigorous pedaling, and also allows for the application of power while the pedal is traveling upward. However, most pedal restraint mechanisms are mechanical in nature, difficult to adjust, hard to apply and remove, and may even cause discomfort to the users feet. Inventor Demberg has created a new strap that eliminates the fuss, aggravation, and discomfort associated with many of todays pedal straps on the market.

This clever new invention is for any bicycle or stationary exercise bike. The strap can be used by children and adults. It applies and removes with ease. It does not bind or constrict feet. It is easy to manufacture. The use of the Easy Bike Pedal Strap provides an option for restraining ones feet upon a bicycle, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.
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