E-Z Wheelbarrow Hitch

The E-Z Wheelbarrow Hitch offers an improved way to transport bulk materials such as yard waste.

  • Easily Transports Topsoil, Mulch, Gravel, Concrete, and More
  • Roll Rather Than Push
  • Can Be Tilted Rearward To Empty out Container Contents
  • Ideal for Those with Limited Physical Strength
  • Great Rental Item


Utility Patent #9,889,784

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Michael Lyles and Laura Hudson-Lyles of Terry, MS have created an improved way to transport bulk materials such as yard waste.

One popular tool used by many for lawn and garden tasks is the wheelbarrow. Although useful, the wheelbarrow requires a great deal of physical strength to move. Even more physical strength is required to lift the wheelbarrow to dump its contents. This makes it unsuitable for use by children, elderly, and those with diminished physical strength. Inventors Lyles and Hudson-Lyles have created a means by which yard and garden maintenance can be accomplished in a simple and easy manner, by almost anyone!

This clever new invention easily transports topsoil, mulch, gravel, concrete, and more. It can be rolled rather than pushed. It tilts rearward to empty out container contents. These features make the invention ideal for those with limited physical strength. It is a great rental item. The use of the E-Z Wheelbarrow Hitch provides for all of the advantages of a wheelbarrow, but without the inherent disadvantage of lifting, balancing, and moving a conventional wheelbarrow.
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