Duplex Outlet with Current Indicator

The invention is an electrical duplex outlet with a power utilization indicator.

  • Provides Device Power Consumption
  • Green Light-Emitting (LED)
  • Integral Toggle Switch
  • Compatible With a LUTRON Configuration
  • Provides Electrical Utility Savings

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven M. Nitz of Billings, MT has developed a means by which electrical consumption can be measured and indicated in order to save cost and energy.

Electricity consumption continues to grow in our country as entertainment devices are becoming larger and more plentiful. Many devices such as computers, televisions, and the like consume phantom power, or a parasitic load, that is used even if the device is powered off. Many people have no idea how much power is being consumed by an individual load, making it very difficult to determine what devices to turn off or not use to conserve electricity. Inventor Nitz has created a simple way to determine which electrical appliances are consuming power when powered off so that the user can turn them off completely.

This clever new invention allows users to save on electrical utility consumption by simply indicating the device power consumption with a blue LED light. Included with the invention is an integral toggle switch to completely shut off power to a device without unplugging it. The invention is also compatible with a LUTRON configuration. The use of the Duplex Outlet with Current Indicator provides for easy visualization of electric power consumption, allowing users to conserve money and power.

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