Dumpster Screen & Gate System

Inventor Robert F. Wagner of Baraboo, WI has developed a more efficient means of emptying garbage dumpsters.

  • Allow Easy Access To Dumpster
  • Provides Physical Security & Visual Covering
  • Eliminates Use Of Swing Gates
  • Works With All Commercial Trash Dumpsters
  • Allows Dumpster Emptying Without Leaving Truck


Utility Patent #8,668,186

Story Behind the Invention

Garbage dumpsters are commonly seen in a swinging gate fenced enclosure that is used in an effort to provide physical security for the dumpster and as an aesthetic cover to hide the receptacle. While such a setup does work, the swing gate does have its disadvantages. It is subject to wear and nearly impossible to open during periods of heavy snowfall. Also, the driver of the refuse truck must exit the truck to open the gate prior to emptying and then again to close it when finished, thus wasting additional time. Inventor Wagner has created a way to quickly and easily collect garbage from dumpsters.

This clever new invention allows for much easier access to the dumpster, while still providing physical security and a more aesthetically pleasing visual covering. The invention eliminates the use of swing gates by replacing the front portion with a weighted pulley system which controls the position of the gate. For the convenience of refuse truck drivers, a dumpster using the invention can be emptied without leaving the truck. Also, it can be used with all commercial trash dumpsters. The use of the Dumpster Screen allows for the visual covering and physical protection of garbage dumpsters without the disadvantages of conventional gates.

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