Dual Opposing Dispensing Heads for Squeezable Containers

This invention is a squeezablecontainer which has two exit caps in order to store two products in the same container such as:mustard and ketchup; shampoo and conditioner, etc.

  • Stores Two Products at Once
  • Large Horizontal Cap on Either End
  • Frustration-Free Dispensing
  • New Packaging Design Increases Sales
  • Multiple Sizes

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ross G. Waite of San Clemente, CA has designed a squeezable container which has two exitcaps in order to separately store two products in the same container.

Assorted productssuch as ketchup, shampoo, and conditioner are typically stored in squeezablecontainers.  All of these containerseventually add up and waste valuable space in ones home.  Additionally, it can become frustrating when dealingwith complementary products, such as ketchup and mustard, and one container canbe found, but the other is missing.  Inventor Waite has created a way to keep such productstogether in one container.  His inventionnot only helps to reduce clutter, but it also guarantees that complementaryproducts will always be kept together.

This clever newinvention stores two products in the same container, due to itsdual-compartmentalized design.  Ifdesired, it could also be used to store the same product in both sides of thebottle.  Each end has a large, flat capso that either end can be used to stand the container on a horizontalsurface.  This design also allows forfrustration-free dispensing and is available in multiple sizes.  The unique packaging is sure to increase salesof the product and would be perfect as a unique condiment dispenser atrestaurants.  The DualOpposing Dispensing Heads for Squeezable Containers allows forconvenient dispensing and storage of materials while also eliminating the needfor separate containers.

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