Drying Rack for Meat

The invention is a specialized rack to aid in the drying of meat and fish.

  • Used For Meat and Fish
  • Protects Food From Contact With Insects
  • Provides For Enhanced Food Drying Ability
  • Made Of Fabric Mesh
  • Adapted For Use With Other Foods


Utility Patent #8,944,261

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Ken and Pam Boonpakom of Pinellas Park, FL have designed a specialized rack to aid in the drying of meat and fish.

One popular method of preserving meat and fish is drying. Such food drying techniques have been practiced for generations. However, even given its long history, this does not mean that the drying of meat and fish is not without its disadvantages. Perhaps the largest of these problems is keeping the food free from contact with insects such as Bluebottle flies, carrion flies, or beetles which can lay their eggs on the food. Another problem is how to support the food while it is drying, as contact with a solid surface will prevent drying. Inventor Boonpakom has created a means by which food products such as meat and fish can be easily preserved and dried without the disadvantages.

This clever new invention protects food from contact with insects while providing for enhanced drying abilities. Even though the product, made of fabric mesh, is intend for meat and fish it can certainly be used for other foods as well. The use of the Drying Rack for Meat dries meats and fish in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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