Dry Ice Container

The Dry Ice Container is an insert that holds dry ice for use in a portable food cooler.

  • Keeps Food Colder for Longer
  • Flip Open Lid is Airtight and Watertight
  • Routes Excess Carbon Dioxide Gas Out
  • Wont Affect Taste of Food
  • Great for Long Term Power Outages


Utility Patent #8,893,524

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors John Dean Archer and Charlotte Archer from Sandy, UT have created an insert that holds dry ice for use in a portable food cooler.

While conventional coolers do an admirable job of keeping food cold, they require purchase and replenishment of ice on a frequent basis. Many people turn to the use of dry ice to allow for longer time periods between ice replenishment, and to provide for colder temperatures. However, such ice needs to be separated or insulated from the cooler as well as the stored food, or damage can result because of the very cold temperatures. Additionally, since the dry ice melts directly into carbon dioxide, it must be provided with a way to leave the cooler, or an over pressurization condition or contamination of the food can result. The carbon dioxide gas may also leave many foods with an unpleasant taste. Inventors Archer have created a means by which dry ice can be used in a cooler to keep food cold, but without these issues.

This clever new invention keeps food colder for longer. The flip open lid is airtight and watertight. The device routes excess carbon dioxide gas out. The carbon dioxide gas wont affect the taste of food. The invention is great for long term power outages. The use of the Dry Ice Container provides the ability to utilize dry ice as a means to keep food cold, but without any of the conventional problems normally associated with dry ice use.

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