Drain Coupling for Fire Sprinkler Systems

The invention is a semi-circular drain collar which aids in controlled drainage of fire sprinklers.

  • Fits over Victaulic Fittings
  • Forms Water Tight Seal
  • Integral Drain Hose Connection
  • Hook-And-Loop Fastening System
  • Compatible With All Fire Sprinklers


Utility Patent 8,439,060

Story Behind the Invention

Most mechanics would agree that having the proper tool for a job is of the utmost importance. The proper tool can save both time and money, produce a higher quality job, reduce damage to equipment, and provide for the increased safety of the worker. Each field of mechanical work has its own type of specialty tools, each performing a specialized task. The field of fire sprinkler installation has many such specialized tools, but one important tool is still missing. Often times during testing or after activation of a sprinkler system, the pipe line requires draining, especially systems that are dry systems or pre-activated. Although a main drain valve can eliminate a majority of the water, horizontal lines often retain a large amount of water that must be removed. Inventor Jackson has created a device that allows the user to drain water from sections of a fire sprinkler system in a controlled manner.

This clever new invention consists of a collar with a watertight gasket which fits over Victaulic fittings. It attaches to the pipe with a hook and loop fastening system and features an integral drain hose connection. Also, the invention is compatible with all fire sprinkler systems to allow for widespread use. The use of the Drain Coupling for Fire Sprinkler Systems provides a safe, dry, and easy means for fire sprinkler mechanics to drain water filled lines.

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