Double Occupancy Infant Swing

Our Double Occupancy Infant Swing is an infant swing that holds two infants at once while providing entertainment.

  • Rock Two Infants Simultaneously
  • Seats Turn 90 In Either Direction
  • Infants Face One Another While Being Swung
  • Provides Enhanced Entertainment & Amusement
  • Allows Parents & Care Providers to Attend to Other Matters


Utility Patent #8,821,303

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Silomie A. Clarke of Brooklyn, NY has designed an infant swing that holds two infants at once while providing entertainment.

Infants and newborns love to be rocked to sleep. Whether it is in the arms of an adult or in an infant swing, the methodic movement works wonders on fussy or crying babies. Many parents and care providers find that an infant swing that gently rocks the child back and forth is ideal in helping a child get to sleep or otherwise remain entertained. Those parents or care providers caring for twins or multiple infants of the same age are forced to buy multiple infant swings which take up an inordinate amount of floor space. Additionally, older infants require additional stimulation to help keep them entertained for longer periods of time which most infant swings are incapable of providing. Inventor Clarke has created a means by which an infant swing can accommodate two infants rather than one.

This clever new invention can rock two infants at the same time, and provides for enhanced entertainment for young and old infants alike. The seats of the swing can turn up to 90 degrees in either direction, which allows for the two infants to face one another while swinging. The use of the Double Occupancy Infant Swing provides two infants with entertainment while rocking them in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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