Double Kick Adapter

The invention is a device that allows players of the game Rock Band to connecttwo kick pedals for use in the game.

  • Improves TimingAccuracy
  • Increases GameScores
  • Works With MostGame Systems
  • AC/BatteryPowered
  • Quick and EasyInstallation

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ronald E. Opfergelt ofBakersfield, CA has createda way to make the popular video game Rock Band even morefun to play.

Homevideo game systems are more popular then ever, seeing as they are astandard item in almost every American household. Of the hundreds ofgames that have been developed, one game in particular is the popularRock Band. Using various controllers to mimicinstruments in a rock band, players get the feeling that they areplaying the actual instruments. The drum controller used with thegame has a bass drum foot pedal that is realistic, but can bedifficult to use. Inventor Opfergelt hasdeveloped a quick and easy method of allowing for the connection oftwo bass drum pedals to one controller in the video game Rock Band.

Thisclever new invention allows players to use two bass pedals, resultingin increased timing accuracy and increased scores. The AC/Batterypowered invention works with most game systems and is quickly andeasily installed. The use of the Double KickAdapter is a fun and easy way to make the game RockBand even more exciting to play.

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