Domed Tomato, Pepper, Vegetable & Plant Cage

This invention is a support frame for vegetable plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and other climbing plants to aid in the growing process.

  • Three-Dimensional Dome Fully Supports Plants
  • Heavy Duty Wire Loop Frame
  • Loops Interconnected via Intermediate Connecting Wires
  • Creates Four Stable Anchoring Points
  • Supports Outer Edges of Plants
  • Customizable For Each Plant


Design Patent #D655,940

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rita L. McRae of Lovelady, TX has designed a support frame for growing tomatoes, peppers, and other climbing plants.

Many people grow vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers in a home-based garden. The fresh taste of enjoying home-grown vegetables cannot be duplicated by any commercial vegetable growing and distribution system. However, for such plants to reach their optimum producing potential, they must be adequately supported to prevent the vegetables from lying upon the ground. Many people resort to the use of a single stake to support such plants, but this only allows for a one dimensional support system. Inventor McRae has created a means by which vegetable plants such as tomatoes and peppers can be adequately and thoroughly supported.

This clever new invention features a three-dimensional dome, which creates four stable anchoring points to assist in supporting the outer edges of plants. It is envisioned to be made of heavy duty wire, which will be somewhat customizable for each individual plant. The use of the Domed Vegetable & Plant Cage allows for the secure and sturdy support of tall vegetable plants in a manner that produces abundant, beautiful, and delicious vegetables.

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