Domed Swimming Pool Cover

This invention is an elevated pool cover for above ground swimming pools that allow pool owners to keep rain, snow, leaves, and other debris out during the winter months.

  • Works in Conjunction with a WinchSystem
  • Support Sleeves for EasyLifting/Assembly
  • Support Frame Secures to Pools Edge
  • Tent-Like Structure
  • Design Allows Snow & Debris Run Off


Utility Patent #9,021,625

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Donald Richard Vagner, Jr. and Lisa Graham of Cleveland, OH have developed an innovative pool cover that not only prevents snow and debris from entering the pool, but also from collecting on top of the cover.

Many swimming pool owners know all too well of the hassles associated with pool maintenance. The pool must be covered each winter season to avoid having leaves, snow, and other debris polluting the pool. Typically, these covers are anchored around the pool and are supported by balloon like floats. Regardless of the floats, there are still sagging portions that collect leaves, branches, and water, forcing the pool owner to adjust and maintain the cover all throughout the winter. As a result, the pool cover becomes damaged and requires a costly replacement. Inventors Vagner and Graham have created a style of pool cover that is specially designed to avoid such issues.

This clever new invention has a tent-like structure to allow snow and debris to simply run off of the cover, instead of collecting on top. The waterproof tarp portion has sleeves on the underside to hold the support poles to make assembly easier. Also, the support frame secures to the pool edge with the integral clips, and an anchoring strap keeps the edges of the tarp tightly sealed. The Domed Swimming Pool Cover provides pool owners an easy and cost-effective way to keep rain, snow, leaves, and other debris out of their swimming pool over the winter months.

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