Doll Organizer

The invention is a storage system to store and protect Barbie dolls or similar items along with associated accessories.

  • Holds Dolls, Clothing, & Accessories Neatly
  • 3 Snap-together Compartments
  • Lockable Adjustable Dividers
  • Compartments Open Separately
  • Handle & 2 Rolling Wheels for Easy Transport


Utility Patent #8,590,726

Story Behind the Invention

Barbie dolls and similar dolls have remained a favorite toy of young girls for many years. Over the years there has been a multitude of various doll storage methods; however, some of these methods go too far in enclosing or protecting such dolls and accessories. While the dolls are protected from damage, they cannot be easily seen and are no longer fun to play with. Additionally, such storage systems are bulky and difficult to move about when playing in different areas of the house or other locations. Inventor Mickelson has created a means by which dolls and accessories can be stored and organized; yet remain accessible and easy to play with.
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