Doll Organizer

The invention is a storage system to hold and protect Barbie dolls or similar items along with associated accessories in an organized and accessible manner.

  • Holds Dolls, Clothing & Accessories
  • Encourages Clean Up
  • Displays Items in Fun Manner
  • Increases Life of Toys
  • Wall Mounts &  Disassembles  for Easy Transport


Design Patent #D653,475

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Angela R. Thompson of Beaumont, TX has designed a storage system to hold and protect dolls and associated accessories in an organized and accessible manner.

Barbie dolls and similar dolls have remained a favorite toy of young girls. The ability to dress and accessorize the dolls ensures that they will remain a favorite for years to come. There is multitude of doll storage methods; however, some of these methods go too far in enclosing or protecting such dolls and accessories. While these methods may protect dolls from damage, the dolls cannot be easily seen and are no longer fun to play with. Inventor Thompson has created a means by which dolls and accessories can be stored and organized yet remain visible and easy to play with.

This clever new invention holds dolls, clothing and accessories. Dolls remain seen and displayed in an accessible manner while increasing the life of the toys. The invention can be mounted on a wall and is easy to transport should the need arise. Additionally, the organizer encourages children to pick up. The use of the Doll Organizer not only provides a means to keep dolls clean and organized, but is also fun to use.

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