Divided Casserole Dish & Cover

The invention is a divided casserole dish comprises of a baking pan which is further divided by a centrally located ridge for allowing the user to bake and store two separate food dishes at once.

  • Baking Pan with Two Individual Compartments
  • No Cross Contamination of Various Foods
  • Easily Bakes, Transports & Stores
  • Matching Lid Covers Both Dishes at Once
  • Reduces Mess


Patent #D656,789

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kerri B. Locke of Pascagoula, MS has created a divided casserole dish that consists of a baking pan which is further divided by a centrally located ridge. This allows the user to bake, serve and store separate food dishes at once.

Whether it be the professional chef or the casual at-home cook, baking pans are a basic kitchen implement. Yet, for all the baking pans available and the wide range of prices they cover, they all share one common trait. These pans are capable of cooking, heating, or serving only one type of food at a time. This inefficiency causes cooks to use multiple baking pans to bake a cake, prepare a meal, or reheat leftovers. This results in not only greater energy usage, but also increased clean up time as well. Inventor Locke has created a dish by which multiple foods can be baked or heated in a single pan.

This clever new invention is a baking pan with two individual compartments. It prevents cross contamination of various foods. It easily bakes, transports, serves and stores. A matching lid covers both dishes at once and this invention can also reduce mess. The use of the Divided Casserole Dish and Cover allows one to prepare multiple foods with a reduced number of pans in a manner which is not only quicker and more efficient, but saves energy and clean up time as well.

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