Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

This invention is a high-efficiencytoilet seat cover for use by children that is individually packaged and carriedby the user for his or her own use.

  • Provides Protection From Bacteria
  • Disposed Of After Use
  • Packaged In Individual Containers
  • Fits All Types Of Toilet Seats
  • Easily Applied & Removed
  • Unique Flap Prevents Male Contact

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Taihee Kim and Brian Epstein of Coram, NY have designed anindividually packaged toilet seat cover that is not only convenient to carry bythe user, but also provides maximum protection against the spread of germs andbacteria.

Toilet seat coverdispensers are a common sight in many public restrooms.  These covers help to protect against germs,bacteria, and general filth that can be found on just about every public toiletseat.  However, such seat covers are notfound in all public restrooms or inprivate restrooms in homes. Additionally, the paper-based construction of conventional covers makesthem prone to tearing and falling into the toilet, while their permeable natureallows wetness, which carries harmful bacteria and filth, to transfer throughthe protective layer.  Finally, males andfemales have different protective needs while sitting on a toilet which are notaccommodated by current methods. Inventors Kim and Epstein havecreated a toilet seat cover that is specifically designed to address all ofthese issues.

This clever newinvention is always ready for use since it is packaged in easy-to-carryindividual containers.  Unlikeconventional covers, it is made of plastic so that wetness cannot seep through,and it features a unique flap to prevent male contact with the toilet.  The invention is easily applied and removedon all types of toilet seats and is simply disposed of after use.  Although intended to be used primarily by children,it can also be used by adults.  The Disposable Toilet Seat Covers afford superiorprotection against the spread of disease, bacteria, germs, and filth when usingpublic or private toilets.

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