Disposable Grabbing Otoscope Speculum

The invention gently removes foreign matter from an ear canal in a safe and quick manner without the disadvantages of the time consuming, labor intensive, and possibly painful procedures.

  • Removes Foreign Objects from Ear & Nose
  • Attaches To Conventional Otoscope
  • Uses Thin Cable Release System
  • Does Not Require Other Medical Devices
  • Disposable After Use


Design Patent #D842,991

Story Behind the Invention

Dr. Ronald M. Cable, Jr. of Mustang, OK has invented a new device to aid in the removal of unwanted objects from the nasal or ear canal.

While obviously not a pleasant experience, the occurrence of an insect crawling in ones ear is not unheard of. Certain insects have a tendency to crawl into ear canals, especially while a person is asleep. Also, curious children may face similar problems when they place food, small toys, and other objects in their ears. Once a foreign object is lodged inside the ear canal, it is very difficult to remove because of the limited space for inserting tweezers or other tools. Medical practitioners must often use complicated procedures to eliminate all traces of the foreign material. Inventor Cable has created a tool that allows unwanted matter to be easily removed from the ear canal.

This clever new invention attaches to a conventional otoscope and features a set of moving jaws that can fit inside the ear or nasal canal to grip and remove foreign objects. It uses a thin cable release system that allows the medical practitioner to control the movement of the jaws. The invention is perfect for hospitals, emergency rooms, and even paramedics. Also, it does not require the use of additional medical devices and is simply disposed of after use. The use of the Disposable Grabbing Otoscope Speculum provides a means to safely remove foreign matter from an ear canal without being time consuming or painful for the patient.

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