Disposable Feline Litter System

The invention gives cat owners a quick, easy, and clean way to provide their cat a completely functional litter box while on the go.

  • One Time Use Litter Box
  • Purchased Flat/Opens for Use
  • Accordion Like Design Locks into Place
  • Biodegradable
  • Ideal for Cleanup

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kathryn B. Landrum of Bullard, TX has designed an innovative product that will save cat owners an infinite amount of time spent tending to the litter box.

Keeping pets is both time-consuming and costly, requiring one to constantly feed, groom, and clean-up after their animals. For those who own cats, their responsibilities also include maintaining a litter box. While traveling with a cat, it is inconvenient to bring a litter box along, which presents an obvious problem. In addition to the litter box, the cat owner must also bring a bag of cat litter, a way to remove the droppings, and other supplies to clean the litter box. Inventor Landrum has created a portable litter container that can be easily brought along on a trip and requires no extra supplies.

This clever new invention has an accordion-style design and is purchased in a collapsed state that quickly opens for use with the cat litter already inside. The simplicity of the invention makes it ideal for cleanup, saving an infinite amount of time for the cat owner. Also, all parts of the invention are made of cardboard, making it completely biodegradable. The use of the Disposable Feline Litter System provides cat owners with a completely functional litter box that requires very little time for both setup and disposal.

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