Diagnostic Tool for Trailer Lights

The invention is a diagnostic tool for trailer lights to assist in troubleshooting of trailer wiring and exterior wiring systems.

  • For Use On AllTrailers
  • IndicatorLights Show Good Connection
  • Tests Up ToSeven Connections
  • Makes TestingOne Person Job
  • Ground ProbeChecks Continuity


Utility Patent #9,069,026

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Eric Gunnar Rutkowsky of Janesville, WI has developed a simple means by which to diagnose trailer wiring problems.

Each field of work has its own type of specialty tools, each performing a specialized task. The task of troubleshooting and repairing wiring and lighting systems used on trailers is an example of one of these specialized tasks. Such systems are prone to frequent malfunction, and when they do, it is very difficult to determine the problem component. Inventor Rutkowsky has created a tool for more quickly diagnosing trailer wiring malfunctions.

This clever new invention can test up to seven different connections on any size trailer. LED indicator lights show which connections are good and which connections need servicing by the use of a ground probe that checks continuity. The simple design of the invention makes testing the connections an easy one person job. The use of the Diagnostic Tool for Trailer Lights allows for a quick and effective means of troubleshooting and servicing trailer wiring and lighting systems.

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