Device for Rolling Reusable Shopping Bags

Our Device for Rolling Reusable Shopping Bags eliminates clutter by storing your reusable shopping bags in a convenient storage device. This unique design allows for that neat and compact storage of the bags yet allow them to be dispensed easily by pulling off the next bag similar to a paper towel dispenser.

  • Velcro® Holds Bag in Place
  • Rolls into U-Shaped Frame
  • Dispenses Out when Needed
  • Increases Usage of Environmentally Friendly Bags
  • Decreases Clutter


Design Patent # D683,164

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors James T. Fontana and Lori A. Pearce of Chino Hills, CA have designed an apparatus designed to store and dispense reusable shopping bags.

With societys increasing awareness of the worlds dwindling supply of natural resources and overflowing landfills, many communities are providing recycling services to its residents. The benefits of these efforts have already begun to be seen and will continue to be realized into the future. However, as with most beneficial programs, these efforts are accompanied by some burdens. One of these burdens is the use of reusable shopping bags. While the use of such shopping bags does reduce the number of plastic bags released into the environment, it does place the burden upon the consumer. Most people simply stuff them inside one another where they take an undue amount of space and make it difficult to retrieve when needed again. Inventors Fontana and Pearce have created a means by which reusable bags can be stored and dispensed.

This clever new invention decreases clutter, while increasing environmentally friendly bag usage. It features Velco to hold the bags together, and rolls into U-Shaped frame. The bags are easily dispensed when needed for user convenience. The use of the Device for Rolling Reusable Shopping Bags provides for neat and orderly storage of reusable grocery bags along with an easy-to-use dispensing system in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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