Device For Determining Chronological Age Of A Person and Method Thereof

Inventor Barlows patent pending invention called the Device for Determining Chronological Age of a Person and Method Thereof is a portable, specialty calculator for determining the age of an individual, based upon their birth date and a specific second date.

  • Calculates to Nearest Day, Month & Year 
  •  Internal Clock Maintains Current Date 
  •  Functions as a Conventional Calculator 
  •  Great for Therapists, Doctors & Educators 
  •  Saves Time & Frustration


Utility Patent # 8,468,182

Story Behind the Invention

Educational and medical personnel are often required to determine a persons age based upon their birth date. Such knowledge is required for determining a person performance or ability in relationship to his or her peers of the same age. While such calculations are relatively easy for age to the nearest year, errors can easily occur when calculating the exact months plus the years of the persons age. Year plus month calculations are frequently required when dealing with children who have rapidly developing abilities and who are being evaluated with age sensitive normative scales. As with any calculation that is performed by hand on a piece of paper or in ones head, the possibility for errors is always present. Manual calculations are also time- consuming and frustrating for the average, busy professional. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which age calculations can be made without the disadvantages as described above.

As a Speech/Language Pathologist for 25 years, Inventor Lucy Barlow of Kingsland, Georgia developed the Device For Determining Chronological Age Of A Person And Method Thereof a clever innovation to calculate ones age to the year and month with no complication.

This invention calculates ones age to the nearest year, month, and day using the internal clock for the current date. This calculator also functions like a conventional calculator for other math tasks. This invention is great for therapists, doctors, educators, and other professionals that use standardized measures of assessment with their clients or students. The use of the Device for Determining Chronological Age of a Person and Method Thereof provides for increased ease of reliability of calculating a persons age in a manner which is not only simple, easy and effective, but provides for increased accuracy as well.

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