Designer Ironing Board Cover

The invention is an ironing board cover with novelty patterns which increases visual appeal to an ironing board.

  • Decorative In Nature
  • Fits Most Ironing Boards
  • Sophisticated Decor
  • Ideal for Homes & Hotels
  • Original Design


Patent #D 611,750

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Julie Bisher of Lansing, MI has invented a creative approach to a common household task.

Ironing clothes is one of the most common chores performed. Millions of people spend time each week in front of an ironing board. However, up until now, there was almost no variety available regarding the style, presentation, and look of traditional ironing boards. Julie solved this problem by creating the Designer Ironing Board Cover. This invention allows people to customize the appearance of their traditionally white ironing board covers with impressive and visually exciting images- anything from famous artwork to pictures of historical sites.

This clever new invention introduces a decorative aspect to a formerly plain household item. These covers are designed to fit most ironing boards. The original design and sophisticated nature of the covers makes them ideal for all venues, from homes to hotels. The use of the Designer Ironing Board Cover might just be the perfect way to add a little bit of color to your everyday life!

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