Dental Suction Adapter

The Dental Suction Adapter quickly converts between high speed suction and surgical suction modes.

  • Fast Selection between Surgical Suction and High Speed Suction
  • Great for Various Dental Procedures
  • Changeover Utilizes Quick Disconnect Method
  • Reduces Frustration and Aggravation
  • Is Disposable


Utility Patent #9,044,294

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dr. Filiberto Herdocia DDS, a dentist from Miami, FL has created an adapter for dental suction devices to quickly convert between high speed suction and surgical suction modes.

During many dental procedures, there is a need for high speed suction and surgical suction aids. Typical dental surgical suction devices will use two hoses to provide such capabilities. These devices are more costly than those that utilize only one suction hose. However, those who use only one-hose devices are burdened with having to change the hose connections between high speed suction and surgical suction connectors. This process results in lost time, reduced productivity, and increased costs. Inventor Dr. Herdocia has created a means by which a single hose dental suction device can be quickly changed from a high speed suction connection to a surgical suction connection without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention allows for a fast selection between surgical suction and high speed suction. It is great for various dental procedures. The changeover utilizes a quick disconnect method. It reduces frustration and aggravation. After use, it is disposable. The use of the Dental Suction Adapter provides an alternative to time consuming conventional methods of selecting either surgical suction, or high speed suction connections when performing dental work.

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