Decorative Rooftop Carrier

The Decorative Rooftop Carrier is a rooftop cargo carrier for use on a motor vehicle in the novelty shape of a large baseball cap.

  • Used To Carry Surplus Cargo
  • Mounting Frame Connects to Rooftop of Vehicle
  • Fun and Exciting To Look At
  • Lightweight, Strong, and Durable
  • Great Way to Show Allegiance to Various Sports Teams


Design Patent #D717,720

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steven Francis Marino of Collingswood, NJ has created a rooftop cargo carrier in the novelty shape of a large baseball cap.

Many motor vehicle operators turn to the use of a rooftop cargo carrier when the storage space inside their vehicle is just not enough. Cargo carriers are great for carrying extra suitcases for long vacations or extra food, supplies, and equipment when camping. However, they are not aesthetically pleasing to look at. Additionally, cargo carriers have the same overall design, and there is very little to drive a consumer to purchase from one manufacturer over another, other than price. Inventor Marino has created a means for a one-of-a-kind novelty cargo carrier that stands out from the rest.

This clever new invention is used to carry surplus cargo. A mounting frame connects to the rooftop of a common motor vehicle or SUV. It is fun and exciting to look at. It is lightweight, strong, and durable. The invention provides a great way to show allegiance to various sports teams. The use of the Decorative Rooftop Carrier allows for a unique and creative way to transport extra goods and property by a motor vehicle.

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