Decorative Pie Crust Press

The invention isa system by which decorative patterns are pressed into the top of piecrust.

  • Seasonal Stampsfor Holiday Desserts
  • Also CreatesTraditional Patterns
  • ErgonomicHandle
  • InterchangeableStamps
  • Non-Stick forClean Pattern


Patent #8,230,604

Story Behind the Invention

Pies are a favoritedessert among many. Their taste, texture, wide variety available,and even their sweet-tooth appeal make pies one of the bestloved desserts of all time. Many bakers often add decorative touchesto the upper pie crust before baking to increase the aesthetic appealof the pie. These touches may simply be a letter to indicate thetype of pie, or may be elaborate lattice work. In any case, thedecorative pattern forms a signature trademark which distinguishesone bakers pie from another.

To make pie decoratingeven easier, inventors Caprice Gagnon Corey andDavid Thompson have developed a cleverinnovation that is a system by which decorative patterns are pressedinto the top of pie crust.

The Decorative PieCrust Press utilizes a series of interchangeable decorativepatterns that can be pressed in to the top of a pie crust by means ofa removable handle. The dough cutter provides decorative elementssuch as religious themes, holiday symbols, etc. In use, a pie crustis prepared in the normal manner being rolling it out toapproximately of an inch thick. Next the die pattern is pressedcompletely through the dough. Finally, the cut dough portion isplaced onto a pie and baked in a normal manner. The use of theinvention provides bakers with the ability to place perfectly sizedand proportioned decorative elements on pie crusts more quickly andeasily than conventional methods.

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