Decorative Package Receptacle

The invention eliminates the worry associated with a package being delivered while you arent home. This decorative display stores the delivered package until you can safely retrieve it. Nobody will ever know it is there!

  • Protects Against Theft & Damage
  • Hidden Compartment Stores Packages & Large Parcels 
  • Place on Porches, Patios, or Entranceways
  • Looks Like Conventional Planter
  • Recessed Top Used for Real or Artificial Plants


Design Patent D 671,860

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jennifer L. Palmer of Beaufort, SC has designed a decorative display that stores delivered packages until you arrive home to safely retrieve them.

While the usage of actual letter-based mail may be on the decline, packages and parcels are delivered to households more than ever. With online ordering and the ability to get almost anything delivered to ones doorstep, delivery people are just about as likely to deliver a package as a mailman is to deliver a letter. Unfortunately, most mailboxes are too small to hold anything other than a very small package. Thus, packages are frequently left on porches where they can be exposed to damage from rain, snow, animals, or the like. Additionally, the package is often left in plain sight where it can be a stolen. Inventor Palmer has created a means by which packages and parcels can be left at a residence or business in a concealed state to protect from the problems described above.

This clever new invention protects against theft and damage. It has a hidden compartment that can store packages and large parcels, yet looks like a conventional planter. It can be placed on porches, patios or in entryways all while have a unique functionality and aesthetic appeal. The use of the Decorative Package Receptacle allows for temporary storage of large envelopes, parcels, and packages in a manner which is quick and easy.

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