Decorative Feathered Ear Piece

The invention is a specialized hair and ear fashion accessory.

  • Extends Around Rear Of Users Head
  • Provides A Unique Aesthetic Appeal
  • C-Shaped
  • Formal And Casual Versions
  • Changed At Any Time

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Princess A. Byrd of St. Louis, MO has created a specialized hair and ear fashion accessory.

Modern fashion trends dictate an ever evolving and changing of popularity wherein the clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories that are considered cutting edge today are considered pass tomorrow. Thus, the fashion industry is in a constant search for new and innovative styles and solutions that will help to define the next fashion trend. Not limited strictly to clothing, this need for innovation extends to all areas of fashion, including that of jewelry and related accessories. Luckily, Inventor Byrd has designed the next statement in fashion accessories. This invention bridges the gap in fashion accessories by combining hair and ear jewelry into one impressive product.

This clever new invention extends around the rear of the users head, which provides for a unique and esthetically pleasing look. It will be available in both a formal and casual versions, and can be changed at anytime. The use of the Decorative Feathered Ear Piece provides a fashion-forward appeal which is not only eye catching and unique, but fashionable and cost-effective as well.

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